The God-Emperor's Inquisition

Journal 1 - Solaria

Ref Inq/93638857-284:410
Author: [Solaria]
Subject: Mission Analysis
Name: Black Sarcophagus
Location: Selian-17
Sector: Calixis
Access Grade: Inquisition Classified

While in the warp Zarkov has found an army of Tech Servants that will obey his every command. While ordering them around the little Scarab Necrons are creating holes in the some sort of pattern. They were trying to find the power and cut it off. We are running around trying to avoid the little ones and get to the armory, because when we boarded the ship that did not allow us to have our weapons on hand. As we are running there, there is an anomaly with energy spikes. We need to get to the astropath and tell him to get us out of warp. We see a video feed of the thing that just vaporized a good number of the Tech Servants. Send out a distress signal for any sort of assistance.



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