The God-Emperor's Inquisition

Mission: The Black Sarcophagus-5

Ref Inq/93638857-284:409
Subject: Mission Analysis
Name: Black Sarcophagus
Location: Selian-17
Sector: Calixis
Access Grade: Inquisition Classified

The Magos

The flight back to the lifter field was quite rough, be it turbulence or something else. The Thunderbolt landed intact and the agents unloaded their curious cargo. Their next task was to secure transportation for themselves and the black sarcophagus. Zarkov immediately contacted the Adeptus Mechanicus representative on planet and notified him about the discovery. Needless to say, the Magos was interested in securing the artifact; Zarkov accompanied the object to the Mechanicus facility where the Magos and his team conducted a cursory inspection and interview before taking it inside for further study. An arrangement was made to enable the Mechanicus to share the information with the Inquisition upon discovery. Also, the Throne Agents were to accompany a Mechanicus team to Scintilla in several days. Their facilities are much more advanced and some dedicated to technological “research”. In the meantime, however, the Agents had a few days to enjoy the remainder of their mandatory rest period; the rest period which was to be cut short by their escort of the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos and the Black Sarcophagus. One of the more interesting events of their down time was the upper spire noble’s gala.



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