The God-Emperor's Inquisition

Mission: The Black Sarcophagus-6

Ref Inq/93638857-284:409
Subject: Mission Analysis
Name: Black Sarcophagus
Location: Selian-17
Sector: Calixis
Access Grade: Inquisition Classified

The Gala

Before they left, the group had their measurements taken and formal clothing created for them. The garments were ready shortly after their return, just in time for the gala. Needless to say, it was important for Lady Odessa to make an appearance, as her purchase of such a significant property indicated (to the local nobles, at least) a sudden potential for rivalry, or at the very least someone with an interest in the rich and valuable gases from the mining facilities in the oceans. While at the gala, they had an opportunity to meet and mingle with various nobility, mostly local but a surprising number of off-worlders were present.

One surprising attendee was the pilot, but looking at him it was difficult to tell it was even the same man. He was announced as Colonel Atellus Castus; a retired Imperial Navy officer who, as it was later discovered by Praetus, was a highly decorated war hero of several crusades known throughout the Imperium. He acted nothing like the sociopathic, near-silent pilot they knew from before, but an eloquent and social nobleman. Something that some of the agents were severely lacking.



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