The God-Emperor's Inquisition

Mission: The Black Sarcophagus-7

Ref Inq/93638857-284:409
Subject: Mission Analysis
Name: Black Sarcophagus
Location: Selian-17
Sector: Calixis
Access Grade: Inquisition Classified

In Transit

After a couple more days of luxury and some more tailoring work, the time had come for the Throne Agents to depart from Selian-17 and escort the Magos to Scintilla on orders from Inquisitor Constantine. The group left Selian-17 and boarded an Adeptus Mechanicus explorator vessel designed to be able to conduct research while on the move. Their quarters aboard the ship were…efficient to say the least; the Mechanicus does not invest much effort in making things comfortable as comfort is inefficient.

The vessel left orbit and entered the warp on schedule after all normal preparations had been made. This was not to be an easy trip, however; they rarely are when the Inquisition is involved. Not long from the transit to warp travel, the cogitators in various places on the ship registered power fluctuations and outages. When there was no response from the Magos, this drew suspicion from the Throne Agents and some went to the laboratory-vault to check on him.

When they arrived on site a midst power outages, a brutal scene awaited them. The Magos was dead and from the appearance of the body and the damage to the surrounding area, he was vivisectioned (dissected while alive). What was worse, it turned out that the half spheres were actually whole spheres that had been inset into the black box. Even worse news than that: one was missing. When the lights turned off again, there was a metallic scurrying noise that went out the door. The lights came back on moments later to reveal two spheres gone without a trace; with power fluctuating throughout the ship and the Magos dead, unexpected problems were adding up.



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