Colonel Atellus Castus


You know him as “The Pilot” a textbook sociopath and the only pilot willing and able to take you to the healing pools.

However, when witnessed at the welcoming gala in the main hive after Lady Haxta Odessa purchased the estate/former hotel you were staying at, he was remarkably social and it was then you found out his vocabulary consisted of more than one and two syllable words.

Through his time seconded to an Imperial Guard unit, the Cleric remembered a certain action in which he took part. During that action, there was an infantry push which succeeded largely due to a precision bombing run which annihilated the artillery line of heretic forces that would have annihilated the charging Guardsmen. Upon further conversation with the Colonel, it was revealed that the Cleric’s unit had taken out the anti-air batteries the day before, thus preventing heavy casualties being inflicted on the attack craft squadron.

He currently pilots a modified Thunderbolt superiority fighter

Colonel Atellus Castus

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