Lord-Inquisitor Gaius Constantine

As far as you are concerned, his word is the word of the Emperor, he can save or condemn whole planets to burn, and his judgment is final.


He is an Inquisitor Lord at an extremely young age. Most of you know very little about him and have only seen him a few times in person. At one point, he contacted the group while he was in mid-battle with cultists on [RECORD PURGED]. The brief instruction was punctuated by gunshots, screams and you saw that he wielded a very large hammer. In fact, recognized by Praetus as a legendary Daemonhammer; it is an extremely potent type of power weapon blessed and inscribed with sacred wards to make it the ultimate in anti-daemon weaponry.

You don’t know much about him, but there was a strange occurrence while aboard the Vengeance of Terra, the 9000 year old systems recognized him…

Lord-Inquisitor Gaius Constantine

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