"Zir" Zuriel Lesser

This white haired bloke has huge mood swings. Likely due to depression and misguided self-medication. He's either morose or hilariously carefree. Who can tell?



26 43 30 50 33 35 40 65 36


  • Carouse – TRAINED
  • Chem-Use – +10
  • Dodge – +10
  • Forbidden Lore(Psykers) – TRAINED
  • Forbidden Lore(Warp) – TRAINED
  • Invocation – TRAINED, +10 with focus
  • Literacy – TRAINED
  • Psyniscience – TRAINED
  • Speak Language(Low Gothic) – TRAINED
  • Tech Use – BASIC, +5 when dealing with Solid Projectile Guns
  • Trade (Merchant) – TRAINED
  • Trade (Soothsayer) – TRAINED
  • Trade (Bartender) – +20


Unreadable Mind Discipline Focus (Divination) Gain Res(Psy Powers) Psy Rating 4
Corpus Consumption Die Hard Dead Eye Shot Crack Shot


Wounds Fate Points Insanity Points Corruption Points XP Spent XP Unspent
13 2 12 13 7450 50

Important Gear

  • Armour: Carapace Helm, Enforcer Light Carapace Head:4 Body:5 Arms:5 Legs:5
  • Melee: Weapon, Damage, Type, Pen x, Qualities
  • Ranged: Weapon (“Helena” HECUTER), Damage (1D10+3), Type (SP), Pen (0), range (30M), rate of fire (S/3/6), Clip (15), Rld (FULL), Qualities (RELIABLE)

Before Inquisition:
Zuriel began life on Scintilla as a child to craftsman parents. The Lesser family, while not royal, made a large sum of money creating high-end solid projectile munitions. At the age of sixteen Zuriel was given his third gun and the one he would consider part of his identity, Helena. Zuriel quickly became a party goer and would show in street squalls and shootouts that he had a knack for sensing danger. He was a survivalist and nothing more than average.
At age eighteen Zuriel saw the inquisition coming for him within a week. The vision itself was the answer as to why they might. He packed his belongings and left. Seems that he was very good at predicting things because he escaped the inquisition for two whole years before being found. To this day Zuriel states that he was simply party hopping, which can’t be refuted because when they arrived to the party they found him at he went willingly. This was however the first time they had surrounded one of his potential hideouts. When interrogated his mind was nothing short of concentric loops of logic around guns and so he was taken at his word. Zuriel has been slow to use his family name since, believing that to do so taints it and brings certain unluck to his kindred.

Inside the Inquisition:
Zuriel seems to the inquisition as one of two things. One, a very wise user of Psyker powers, he almost never seems to draw the attention of the warp. Or two, a coward that only uses his powers when absolutely necessary, meaning he is once again simply a survivalist. What is not a question in the inquisition’s mind is Zuriel’s value as a gunslinger, a diviner, and a very valuable potential asset to the goal of man. Survival.

"Zir" Zuriel Lesser

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