Witch Lance

Righteous Fury much?

weapon (melee)

In need of stats. I completely forgot what it does. I remember it immolating many things from the inside getting lots of righteous fury because of the tearing quality.


2.25m long spear based on unknown design. The blade of the spear is quite long and lends itself moderately well to slashing, but primarily used for piercing due to its secondary activated ability. It has a hollow in the base of the spear that is used to contain a mixture of various oils and blessed promethium mixtures. Upon activation, the tubes combine and ignite from tiny holes in the flat of the spear blade. This also occurs on righteous fury, though it does not consume the charge. One theory currently held by the Inquisition is that the staff is somehow psychically attuned to the astronomican and thus to the golden throne and the Emperor Himself. Pending further investigation.

Witch Lance

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