Harbinger of Sorrows

The space hulk designated Harbinger of Sorrows originated as a lone ship, the Vengeance of Terra being lost in the warp over 8000 years ago. The Aggamand bulk transport was lost around 6000-5500 years ago depending on the accuracy of record dates. It is unknown how long the Lance of Khaine has been fused to the hulk, though records of sightings indicate that it first appeared as part of the hulk roughly 600-700 years ago.

The Harbinger of Sorrows has been appearing approximately every 50-70 years apparently at random throughout the Calixis Sector and even beyond. There have been attempted cleansings in the past, but those have always met with disaster and loss of contact with purgation teams. However, each time the Harbinger of Sorrows has appeared relatively close to an Imperial system, there has been an astropathic message received reporting location and status along with an encoded message using encryptions lost to time.

The Physical integrity of the Harbinger and the individual ships it consists of was remarkably intact for its extreme age, a testament to the durability of ancient technology.

It was fortunate that the last appearance of the Harbinger was conveniently reported by the detection of a warp anomaly a full week before it’s translation into realspace. Enough time for the Inquisition to send a large Deathwatch force accompanied by a cell of acolytes. Between the two teams, not only was the hulk purged, but valuable materials and information recovered by both organizations. The astropathic signal source was traced successfully and aboard the Aggamand, there was a group of surviving descendants of crew from both the Aggamand and the Vengeance of Terra who had survived against the Xenos infesting the Imperial vessels.

Aggamand: Relic Bulk Transport Vessel
Vengeance of Terra: Relic Imperial Battleship
Lance of Khaine: Xeno cruiser: Eldar
Odessa Relic Munitions

Harbinger of Sorrows

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