Selian-17 is a paradise/hive world with minimal tithes and only two hives on the planet. Technically, it is a moon orbiting a gas giant, but it is large enough to maintain a stable atmosphere.

Nevertheless, its primary tithe is an extremely rich gas produced by organisms on the ocean floors which require a particular environmental balance maintained on the rest of the planet, thus there are only two hives. The rest of the planet is essentially estates for the wealthy nobles from both on and off planet. There is one mountain range in particular that bears mentioning and that is the one visible from the western side of the upper hive. Several days by ground transport to the foothills and the base camp for the healing pools, the better part of a day if traveling by air.

Also of note, recently, an offworld noblewoman of the Odessa outright bought a “former mansion turned hotel turned mansion again” in the upper spire. Upon verification of her identity, very little is able to be researched on her background, though her noble blood is indisputable. Her file simply reads "Authorized Nobilite Bloodline: Odessa, Haxta. Besides the required verification information, the rest is encrypted by a Silver-Level clearance. Is that even a real clearance level?

Healing Pools


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